Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services

Your home or office should never be a space that you have to share with creepy crawlers. We are licensed technicians in all forms of pest removal in Springfield, MA, and the surrounding areas. 

We understand how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be to have your home or office overtaken by insects or rodents. At S & M Pest Services, we pride ourselves on our fast response times, efficient pest control methods, and affordable prices. We also use some of the best and safest control products that the industry has to offer. Call us today to schedule your residential or commercial pest control service in Springfield, MA.

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Wildlife Removal Services

If you have unwanted guests making a home in your house or commercial space we can help you get rid of them! We do so with eco-friendly, safe products and chemicals. 

Do you have raccoons living on your property? Or a family of skunks under your home? Call S & M Pest Services today! We specialize in humane wildlife removal and can help you get rid of any unwanted visitors. Our professionals have years of experience in the industry and are experts in removal techniques such as trapping and removal. Contact S & M Pest Services for wildlife removal in Western Massachusetts, and surrounding areas.

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Animal Exclusion Services

We can prevent wildlife from entering your home or office with our animal exclusion services in Western Massachusetts.

animal exclusion

After every removal or control treatment, it’s absolutely necessary to implement some form of animal exclusion in order to prevent recurring invasions. Our team of removal experts will first assess your home or office and determine how the animal or pests got into your property. After we have found the entry point, we will blockade it in order to prevent re-entry. For animal exclusion in Springfield, MA, call S & M Pest Services.